Virtual Lockdown Parties!

As featured by John Lewis 'How to throw the ultimate virtual kids’ party' & The Daily Telegraph in ``20 Ways To Stay Connected Outside As World Restrictions Tighten``

We have successfully created virtual lockdown parties for adults and children online anywhere in the world!  We have screened shared parties with guests from London to Dubai, New York, Mumbai, and Cape Town. 

Invite your friends and family to a virtual party to include fantastic entertainment with a mixture of games, magic, dancing, interactive imaginative storytelling, house treasure hunt, and singing the all-important Happy Birthday song. Lots of fun for everyone to enjoy. Parties designed to suit the theme, age of the guests, favourite songs, and can include special messages. Send us an enquiry now, we would love to help you.

I wanted to let you know, that the party was just amazing. He found all the right games, tone, music, the kids had an enormous amount of fun. Our daughter was so happy with her virtual birthday party that she asked for another next year 😉
Thank you so very much!!!

Step Into Twizzles Virtual Adventure!
45 mins from £150.00 or 60 mins £195.00

We will twizzle you through an amazing virtual party with a mixture of games, competitions, magic, and heaps of fun!
For younger children, we can provide a mix of interactive storytelling with puppet shows, silliness, and songs, while a close-up magician is bound to amaze older children and even adults too! Perhaps you want to be taken on a whirlwind circus adventure with our virtual circus show?! Or perhaps have an amazing time with your favourite characters like pirates, superheroes, or princesses? 


Twizzle’s Amazing Magic Lessons (perfect for ages 8-13)
45 mins from £150.00 or 60 mins £195.00

This virtual lockdown party is all about magic! A magician never spills their secrets, but maybe just this once we can share some with you…
Following an awesome demonstration, one of our magicians will walk you through a handful of amazing tricks using objects that are found around the house! Firstly he will show you what he’s done, and then he will teach you how to do it yourself! You will learn things that are guaranteed to dazzle your friends, just promise that you won’t give away all of our secrets!  

Science Party
45 mins from £150.00 or 60 mins £195.00

Prepared to be blown away by our amazing science party! Run by trained STEM scientists we will pack this party full of exciting experiments, mind-blowing demonstrations, and fun games! Trust us, science is crazy fun when it’s filled with bubbling cauldrons, funky foam, slinky slime, and billowing smoke! The parties can be themed to Witches & Wizards, Halloween, Space, or Potions classes!

Twizzles Escape Room!
45 mins from £150.00 or 60 mins £195.00

Using the Zoom screen share, we’ll enter another world… together we will solve some clues find the passwords, and move through a series of fabulous challenges! If time and proximity allow, deliver goodie bags to all participants to share at the end of the challenge!

With some party games and general silliness, an escape room is a lovely way to share the birthday fun in a uniquely 2020 way. We would suggest having no more than 6 participants to allow for a proper Zoom chat.


Lockdown Festival Party!

Click the image below to find out about how you can make your own amazing mini-festival in your garden!


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