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Filming With Kids

“I will never make another film with children without using you!”

BBC3 Production Coordinator

  • Consultation during pre-production
  • Support on test shoots
  • Developing creative concepts
  • Casting
  • On set baby wrangling

An experienced Baby Wrangler is a hugely valuable asset on any film or photo shoot involving any number of children, be it one or one hundred!

At Twizzle Productions however, we love working with children and what’s more, we know how to make it work. Our knowledge and experience in ‘Baby Wrangling’ lay behind the some of the most successful commercials from the last 25 years. We offer a unique service to the film and television industries for shoots and productions which require the performance skills of children. We ensure you get exactly the right action and reaction out of each child for every shoot. Our wealth of experience means that we understand the technical demands of a tight schedule, even under the most difficult conditions... Click on the links in 'Watch our Work' to see some Twizzle commercials in action.
So what exactly is Baby Wrangling?
The term ‘Baby Wrangling’ was first coined in the US and is a pioneering technique used to engage child performers and keep them focused during production. Peter Robertson was the first person to employ the 'Baby Wrangling' technique in the UK and is in high demand with a range of FMCG production agencies and brands, to ensure everything runs smoothly.


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