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Twizzle in Schools hosts a whole range of different workshops in schools, led by professionally trained actors. By taking our performance skills into schools we support curricular-based learning and find new ways of engaging kids in a fun and dynamic environment. Using performing arts, the workshops help to build children’s confidence or to confront and highlight difficult social issues faced in school and at home, such as bullying.

The workshops can also be used to enhance the school curriculum, bringing lessons such as History to life, or can provide special extra-curricular lessons in circus skills or magic to name but a few. This interactive and fun-packed approach has proved to be a hit with school children and teachers alike.

All our trainers are CRB checked and selected based on the workshop being delivered.


Workshop Age Groups: 

Ages 5-7 (KS1) and 7-10 (KS2) Primary

Ages 11-13 (KS3) and 14-16 (KS4) Secondary

Ages 16-18 (KS5) Sixth Form/College

Anti-Bullying Workshop

Bullying can be a difficult situation in any school or community environment, so Twizzle has put together a creative and interactive workshop which addresses the issues surrounding the subject. We know that some children often bottle up their feelings and keep problems to themselves, whilst others seek a more aggressive release. The actors use humour as well as role-play and discussion to tackle the issues head-on, with an emphasis on positive action.

Anti-bullying workshops are best carried out on location, whether that is a school, community centre, leisure centre or anywhere else you feel it may benefit the children involved.

Take positive action together
Demonstrate how children can empower themselves
Encourage a positive outlook
Workshop Reference:
1 day

Archery Workshop

We offer archery workshops for children over the age of 10. The workshops can be held indoors or outdoors, and are guaranteed to be great fun for all participants. All workshops are taught by a professional archery player. Although the sport can be dangerous if people are reckless, archery teaches children to be responsible for one another and for the equipment they are using, and the workshop is always carried out in a safe environment. Twizzle runs archery workshops for groups of 10+.

Fun, sociable & active
Develops focus, flexibility & attention skills
Combines mental & physical abilities
Workshop Reference:
3 hours

Theatre Workshop

Develop the performance skills, confidence, and group awareness of your students, whilst treating them to a fun-packed day to remember. We have a professional team of actors and entertainers – all of whom are well-established performers – who can deliver a fantastic and memorable theatre workshop for children of all ages. The day includes various theatrical exercises and techniques, dancing, and games, and activities that promise to be educational but above all, fun.

Why come along:
Build student’s confidence
Develop student’s performance skills
Increase group awareness
Workshop Reference:
1 day

History Workshop

It can often be hard to make History capture the imaginations of many children. Twizzle can help to create a more interactive, fun and challenging way to learn about your chosen historical period. Twizzle History workshops are incredibly popular – they provide an exciting way for children to learn about the past.

Our Aims:
Students learn about historical events in a captivating way
A higher level of involvement for the students
Teach that history can be interesting and fun!
Workshop Reference:
1 day

Health, Nutrition, and Fitness

Twizzle has created this workshop to help educate children about health and wellbeing so that they can make informed choices around food and fitness. Our enthusiastic trainers deliver interesting and educational sessions on health and keeping fit, so that young children and teenagers can make informed decisions about their lifestyle. Twizzle uses props and interactive and theatrical performances to help deliver clear and memorable messages.

Our Aims: 
To educate children about health and wellbeing in a fun and relaxed environment.
To teach children about wider issues affecting food production.
To understand the nutritional value in foods and how that affects health.
Workshop Reference:
3 hours

Book Week Case Study

We provided a puppet workshop for Nursery and reception (30 mins) – simple story plus a basic discussion about how to make puppets, what they are, how to create a story.

Trans and JS = Years 1 and 2 (40- 45 mins) – more advanced story plus a discussion about how to make puppets, what they are, how to create a story.

Boys and Girls Year 3 (40- 45 mins) – most advanced story plus a discussion about how to make puppets, what they are, how to create a story.

Feedback. Thank you for your excellent day with us. The children, and staff(!), adored your workshops. Thank you so much for listening to what we were hoping for and meeting our expectations. It was a perfect springboard for the creative sessions that happened in the classrooms throughout the day. Alice Holifield – Middle school English Coordinator


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