Wwith multiple birthdays throughout the year, with children grandchildren, nieces and nephews all to buy for, it seems like we’re forever buying presents for our little ones!
They grow up so quickly, and it can be a challenge knowing exactly what gifts are suitable for which age, so we’ve thrown together some suggestions for girls and boys of every age, right up to 18, to try and give you some inspiration!


1. Stacking Toys

At this early stage, it’s all about gifts which are fun but also help out in your little one’s development. Simple stacking toys such as this one from Melissa & Doug are surprisingly satisfying and work their motor skills!

2. A 3D Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to introduce the concept of smaller parts fitting together to make a whole to your two-year-old, but we particularly love this magnetic 3D submarine puzzle!

3. A Scooter

Now that your little man is fully making use of his own two feet, but is probably too small for a proper bike, why not buy him a cool scooter? A three-wheel option like this Paw Patrol scooter will be more stable and help your little one get from A to B in no time!

4. A Remote Control BB-8

One of the hottest toys of 2015 was this amazing remote control BB-8 from Star Wars Episode 7, and we’re sure that’s going to continue! With a control which is perfect for tiny hands and authentic sounds from the movie, it looks like R2-D2 might have competition for the cutest droid in the galaxy!

5. Lego

Lego has been a winner with kids of all ages for as long as we can remember, and it’s still as popular as it ever was. If you want a really special set for your little man, how about this cool heavy-haul train set, complete with motorised train!

6. A Lightsaber

Yep, it’s Star Wars again, but you can’t deny just how cool this lightsaber toy is! The ultimate gift for a young Star Wars fan, not only does this gift look amazing, but it lights up and features genuine lightsaber sounds.

7. A Mini Arcade Machine

While your little one might be a tad too long to be splashing out on an Xbox or PlayStation for, why not treat them to this miniature arcade machine so they can see what gaming used to be like back in the old days!

8. A Nerf Gun

Kids love chasing each other around with Nerf guns (basically the new, drier version of a Super Soaker), and they come in a surprising amount of different styles. We like this awesome customisable option which can be modified with new scopes, grips and barrels!

9. Anki Overdrive

For a modern twist on the traditional Scalextric, check out Anki Overdrive. It’s a racetrack with cars which are controlled through your kids’ phones or tablet!

10. Skylanders

Your little one is now really starting to grow up, and is at the age where they’re might be beginning to get into gaming.
Skylanders is one of the most popular video games for kids and comes with figurines which can be placed on the ‘Portal of Power’, which will then appear right there on the screen in front of you.

11. Headphones

At this age, they’re probably getting a little bit harder to buy for, but your son is probably starting to get into music and would love a pair of headphones just like the ones he sees his favourite footballers wearing.
If you don’t want to shell out on the more expensive pairs such as ‘Beats’, try these slightly more affordable options from Phillips.

12. A Customised Phone Case

Kids nowadays are increasingly tech-savvy, so why not make them stand out from the crowd with a cool customised phone case.
These bespoke wooden cases from Etch’d not only look fantastic but will protect their phone from scuffs and scrapes.

13. Wireless Speakers

As much as their choice of music might drive you up the wall, your kids will love their own wireless speaker which they can hook up to their phone and listen to their favourite songs.

14. An Amazon Fire Stick

If your teen loves movies and bingeing the latest box sets, why not buy one of these handy fire sticks. They just plug into the back of the TV and allow them to watch the likes of iPlayer and Netflix (with a subscription).

15. A Drone

Drones are all the rage at the moment, and while some of them come in at an eye-watering price, there are some cheaper options out there, such as this one from Currys.

16. A Gift Card

Let’s face it, at this age, they’re getting pretty tough to buy for, and would probably appreciate being able to choose what to buy for themselves.
An Amazon gift card is a good choice for a wide range of products, and you’ll avoid the danger of getting them something which they don’t like!

17. Driving Lessons

For most teenagers, their 17th birthday means one thing, learning to drive and getting their own car!
While you might not want to shell out on a car just yet, paying for some driving lessons is a great idea and a present which will have truly lasting value.

18. A Watch

Their 18th is probably the biggest milestone birthday that your son is going to have, so why not go all out and buy him a really special watch which they’ll treasure for years to come such as this offering from Armani?


1. A Push Walker

Push walkers such as this one are a great way for your toddler to learn to walk in a safe way, and they can also include loads of fun extras such as lights, sounds and a steering wheel!

2. A Baby Doll

Toddlers love being in charge, and having their own little baby doll to look after will help them do just this.
They’ll allow your little one to develop their nurturing side and could even help to prepare for the arrival of a younger sibling!

3. A Silver Cross Dolls Pram

Another fantastic way to let your little ones feel like they’re just like mum is with their very own dolls pram that looks just like the one mum has and we love the new range of Silver Cross dolls prams from Play Like Mum.

4. A Children’s Teepee

To give tour little princess her own secret hideaway, why not buy her her own handmade teepee from Just for Tiny People? They’re a perfect space for children to disappear into and make their own private space!

5. A Barbie

Barbie has been a favourite of young girls for almost 60 years and she’s still going stronger than ever, with loads of new features. For example, check out this Barbie ‘Endless Curls’ which comes with hair curler (which don’t need to be heated!).

6. A Karaoke Machine

They’re probably belting out “Let It Go” at every hour of the day so why not let them do it properly! This karaoke machine even has two microphones for those epic duets!

7. A Cookie Oven

Sure, we’ve all seen toy ovens, but this is a perfectly safe one which actually creates genuine cookies, so they can make tasty treats for all of their friends!

8. Harry Potter Box Set

They may be a little young for some of the later books in the series at this point, but the Harry Potter books are a magical must-read for kids and adults alike, so why not buy them the whole series in this impressive boxset.

9. A Jewellery Box

Now they’ll be getting to a stage where they’ll be building up a nice little collection of jewellery, and they’re going to need somewhere to keep it all! Check out this adorable musical jewellery box embellished with lots of glitter and jewels!

10. Emoji Pillows

Kids seems to communicate almost exclusively in emojis these days, so why not spruce up their room with a couple of cute emoji pillows which they can show off on their Snapchat.

11. A Nail Cushion

Girls will be starting to approach that age where they love getting a makeover, and they can do so without having to balance all of their polish pots on their knees with this beautiful flamingo nail cushion.

12. A Journal

Tween girls love chronicling their thoughts and doodles down in a journal, and they’re a great way to get them writing and being creative!

13. Perfume

Perfume is always a popular gift with girls of all ages, the only problem will be which to choose, with so many available!
Perhaps see if their favourite celebrity has their own fragrance (for example, Swifties will love the Wonderstruck fragrance from Taylor Swift!)

14. Headphones

Girls will be getting to that age where they’re really starting to get into music, so whether it’s 1D and Bieber or Green Day and Blink-182, treat her to a pair of comfy and awesome sounding headphones.

15. iBed Lap Desk

Nowadays girls of all ages love their gadgets, and your tech loving teen will love this ‘Lap Desk’ which allows them to use their tablet while sat in bed, or on the sofa, and can even sit their brew on it.

16. A Personalised Birthday FlowerCard

Personalised greetings cards are all the rage, but why not go one step further and send her a bouquet of fresh flowers with a personalised message courtesy of FlowerCard.

17. A Custom Personalised Phone Case

She might want a car at age 17, but if that’s not on the cards, you could do far worse than treat her to one of these fantastic personalised phone cases from Stringberry! High quality and they look stunning. Perfect.

18. A Piece Of Antique Jewellery

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so what better way to mark this huge milestone in her life.
Why not opt for an antique piece for a little bit of added character? Who knows, it could even become a family heirloom which she passes on to her own daughter!


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