Make a Movie


This is your chance to enter the world of Hollywood, Ready Camera Action!

Write, cast, and film your very own movie in a day. The Twizzle film makers will lead the day with an acting masterclass along with fight choreography and advice and instruction to get the best shots.

Our professional sound technicians and cameramen will film your movie on a location of your choosing.

hile editing is taking placee everyone is invited to take part in an interactive movie quiz.

Same day screening to an invited audience!

Choose any theme from James Bond to Harry Potter.

Party & Events

Make A Movie Party Packages available 2020

Bronze prices start from £890 + VAT

Up to max of 12 kids - ideally 8 - 10.

  • 3.5 hours in length.
  • Party includes rehearsing and filming of a pre-prepared script.
  • Premiere Screening .
  • Award Ceremony. Each child will receive a certificate.
  •  We supply not only a professional camera person but also a director/coordinator.
  • Please note, our editor will need 1.5 hours to prepare your film for screening. This is a good opportunity for you to feed your guests and have then prepare and dress for the premiere.
Edited film sent to you electronically within 10 days.

Silver prices start from £1300 + VAT

Up to 15 children

  • 4.5 hours in length (to allow for more complex editing).
  • Director/coordinator and professional camera person.

Special effect Green Screen: allows children to be transported to numerous fantastical locations and we are able to create “flying ” effects , “Harry Potter ” invisible cloak and other effects with green screen .

Edited film sent to you electronically within 10 days.

Gold prices start from £1700 + VAT

Up to 12 children

Up to max of 12 kids - ideally 8 - 10.

  • Full days writing, casting, filming, editing and screening.
  • Interactive Movie Quiz.
  • 3 Filmmakers on site to lead the party.
  • Props can be provided.
Edited film sent to you electronically within 10 days.

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