As expert party planners in London, the team here at Twizzle is brimming with ideas, tips and inspiration when it comes to planning the perfect party for your little girl’s fifth birthday, and as such we thought we’d share some of them with you.

Take The Party Outdoors

With summer upon us, the warmer weather provides the perfect excuse to move a party outside. Whether into a private garden space or even packing up a picnic and asking other guests to contribute to the fare, not only does escaping into the great outdoors save the hassle of tidying up the aftermath otherwise left in the house, it also opens up whole new realm of possibilities as to organising games, activities and fun to kids the kids happy.

For example, if planning a garden party, consider getting out the paddling pool and running with sea life, mermaid or ocean related theme and themed games. Alternatively, turn the garden into a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party just like in Alice in Wonderland and deck the garden out accordingly, possibly even roping in anybody willing to partake in a bit of face painting, or, depending on the size and layout of your garden, consider an enchanted forest theme. The ideas are endless!

Enlist The Birthday Girl To Plan The Party

By the age of five a child is not only deciding what they like and dislike, but in a far better position to communicate this to you. Hence, to avoid tears on the big day by forcing a theme onto what is, after all, fast becomes a little woman, instead make a point of involving your five year old into helping with the party planning decisions, and listen carefully to the ideas they have.

Whilst it will not perhaps be likely that you are able to actualise all their dreams (holding a party in the sky, on a pirate ship or hiring unicorns for example are not exactly within most parents’ and guardians budgets, if possible at all), this will by far provide you with the best way to ensure your five year old not only gets their dream fifth birthday party, but as well enters their fifth year feeling listened to, respected and more mature than when they were just a four year old kid, all that time ago.

Make Five A Theme

Five being an age at which most ladies do not mind their age being broadcast to the world, making the theme of a party the number itself opens up a whole world of potential ideas, activities and ways to inject a little education into a party. Further, it removes the potential issue of gender orientated themes for those uneasy with them.
For example you could ask guests to arrive wearing five of something – such as five pig tails instead of two, five bracelets or even with five polka dots painted on their face. This is one sure way to get all guests actively involved in the party.

Of course, another way to incorporate a birthday girl’s age into the goings on is to device games centred on the number five.  This is also a brilliant way to potentially incoperate a little education into the goings on. For example, you could throw a game of ‘five things’ in which children are asked to name or even draw, five animals, five colours or five things you might find in a home, school or just about anywhere, with the most imaginative winning prizes. A variation of the ‘five things’ game, consider asking guests to take it in turns to name five things they like or five things about themselves. This is a great game for getting the kids thinking, involved and interacting whilst also learning more about your five year olds’ friends and their families. Provided of course you rope the adults into the activities!

Meanwhile, decorations for a five themed party are relatively easy; making bunting shaped into the number five or with each piece displaying five things is a fun way to celebrate the fact your little girl is growing up.

Ditch The Party In Favour Of A ‘Five friends’ Day Out’

If your five year old does not have their heart set on a party or would prefer a day out, such as at the zoo or swimming, for example, consider allowing them to choose five friends with which to take with them. You can discuss their choices with them and a place to go, and keeping the number to five will ensure that you do not end up overrun with excitable children, wherever you end up taking them.

Give Us A Call!

Last but not least, calling in the experts such as our crack team of party people here at Twizzle  is always of course a brilliant option – if we do say so ourselves!

Not only are we able to get your party organised and actualised for you, providing catering, party goody bags, entertainment, activities and much more, by doing so for our hope is that it isn’t just the little ones that will have a fantastic day; without the stress of having to plan and host the party, you are instead free to get stuck in yourself and enjoy the fun, or just sit back and watch the kids have a great time. Whatever you preference, and those of the birthday girl in question, we will do everything to we can to ensure a good time is had by all!

Then, to learn more about what we do here at Twizzle and for even more party ideas, give our party inspiration page here on the Twizzle website a read.


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