Here at Twizzle, one of London’s leading party planners, we love parties of all kinds. Birthday parties, office parties Christmas and Halloween parties, you name it.
But no matter what kind of party it is, there’s nothing we love more than a fancy dress party, whether it be for adults or kids!
Whether you’re the kind who gets their one good costume and breaks it out at every occasion or more the type who has to purchase a new get-up for every party, we’ve picked out ten favourites which are sure to be the talk of the party.


Superheroes are all the rage at the moment thanks to the seemingly never-ending series of movies being released, but the best thing is that it makes for some great costumes.
When else could you get away with wearing the skin tight spandex of Batman or Spiderman or sticking on a pair of bright red pants like Superman?
The sheer amount of superheroes (and villains!) from the Avengers to the Justice League and everything in-between means you’re never short of inspiration when it comes to fancy dress.

Group Costumes

If you’re heading out in a big group, why not coordinate and dress up in matching outfits? If you’re the type who find dressing up a bit silly (what’s wrong with you!?) then perhaps a bit of safety in numbers is called for!
These are particularly great for stag or hen parties and the sight of an entire party of Oompa Loompas or Harlem Globetrotters ambling down the street truly is something to behold!
Even if there’s only two of you who are up for it, matching up can be a great idea. For example, how about Mario and Luigi? Or Buzz and Woody?

Pub Golf

Whether you choose to indulge in a bit of party golf yourself or whether you just want to dress up like you’re ready for a quick round of 18, pub golf attire is all the rage.
Best of all it’s relatively easy to pull off too as you just need a visor and some pretty questionable checked jumpers/bottoms.


Why not take yourself back to the era of legwarmers and big hair and reminisce with some 80s fancy dress?
Whether you simply want to dig out some of your old wardrobe and bring back some of that iconic(?) 80s fashion, or dress up as one of the many icons of the era such as the Ghostbusters, Freddie Mercury or Madonna, there are plenty of options for great 80s fancy dress costumes.
And it’s not just the clothes that made the 80s. Get yourself kitted out with a perm or mullet to give your hair a true 80s makeover!


Why not go even further back in time to the 1920s, the era of gangsters and flapper girls?
They didn’t call it ‘The Roaring 20s’ for nothing after all, those guys knew how to party.
For the ladies, you can dress up in the glamorous sequined flapper dresses, while the guys can get their Tommy guns out and live out their gangster fantasies.

School Uniform

Or how about taking things right back to your school days with some school uniform fancy dress?
Ever since Britney Spears hit the scene in the 90s, school uniform has been one of the most popular choices for fancy dress.
Although looking back at how bad some of them were, we’d also understand if you never want to see school uniform again!


If you want to bring the tropical climate and deep blue waters of Hawaii to your own party, why not get decked out in some Hawaiian fancy dress.
Whether it’s an over the top floral shirt for the guys, or a grass skirt and leis for the girls, this is the perfect way to bring a bit of summer warmth to any party, whatever the season.
Even better, it’s the perfect excuse for some margaritas!


Morphsuits, the spandex all-in-one unisex suits have recently exploded in popularity. Not only do you have completely unhindered mobility and vision (as well as being able to breathe and drink through them obviously!) but nobody else can see you!
And while Morphsuits come in all kinds of colours, they’re also available in a range of patterns and themes including characters such as Power Rangers and superheroes.


Another trend which has been gaining traction in the world of men’s fancy dress has been OppoSuits.
These bold and crazy suits are far from the kind of thing you’d wear to the office, featuring crazy patterns and prints such as tartan, leopard print and starry designs.

Cheap and Cheerful

One of the problems some people have with fancy dress is that it can quite pricey forking out for the outfits.
So why not make your own costume for a fraction of the price?
While we hope we’ve given you some inspiration, the great thing about fancy dress is that it’s entirely up to you and you can let your imagination run wild!


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