If you’ve ever had to organise a children’s party, you’ll know that it is anything but a cake walk. Given enough time, anyone can throw a lavish Cinderella or Batman themed party, or festoon a hall with all things fancy. Trying to come up with ways to distract a room full of overexcited kids, on the other hand, is a task that would make Hercules blanch.  kidsparty

Of course you can fall back on the tried and trusted methods, like pass the parcel or musical statues. But if you want maximum impact for minimum effort, then have a look at our no effort party ideas:

– Soft play centres and indoor/outdoor adventure playgrounds are great for children up to 9. Children romp freely around on the mats and gym-type apparatus, under adult supervision. Many offer special birthday deals, including food, for a price per head. Contact your local authority or local directory for your nearest centre.

– Your local sports club or leisure centre may allow use of their facilities for children’s parties, for a fee, even if you are not a member. Consult the sports/leisure section of your local directory or your local authority for a list of venues near you.

– Hire an entertainer who can either come to your home or, if you can’t face the mess, a local venue. Most entertainers will run the whole party and include puppets, games, comedy magic, music and prizes in their price. Some offer extras like juggling or a minidiscos, or themes like pirates or fairies. And some might show up dressed as your kid’s favourite character. James Bond, Bob the Builder, Minions are currently trending. Make sure you ask what’s included. Entertainers are most suitable for the 3-7 age group.  Look in the parent/child section of a local guide or directory.  It’s always best to get a recommendation from another parent. Local authorities or libraries often have lists of venues (like church halls) that can be hired at very reasonable rates for children’s parties.

– Older children (aged 8 plus) love theme or activity parties – cooking and ceramics are currently in vogue.

Party bags

Party bags, filled with goodies for your child’s guests to take home after the party, are very much expected up to the age of about 9. Two or three small gifts, a chocolate bar or bag of sweets (or box of raisons) and a balloon are the norm. Tailor the contents of the party bag to the age of the guests, if possible. (Make sure toys are labelled as meeting British safety standards.)

  • 3-5 year olds – opt for bouncy balls, jumping bugs, whistles, stickers, mini racing cars and tiny soft animals.
  •  5-7 year olds – pots of putty, mini purses, tiny notebook and crayon sets, yo-yos, and small dinosaurs are popular.
  • 7-9 year olds – toiletries (for instance bubble bath, shower gel) and fun
  • jewellery for girls; mini gliders, giant balloons and tiny soft footballs for boys.

 Where to Buy: Your local toyshop, specialist store like the Non-Stop Party Shop, Or order from a mail order party directory like Party Pieces – they also provide tableware and presents.

DIY Photo Backdrops

Photo backdrops make even the most boring parties entertaining and memorable, especially if your kids are in their teens and are obssessed with Instagram! If you can’t think of anything else to keep them entertained with, you ought to try out these Do-it-Yourself photo backdrops,that we guarantee they will love!


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