Sweets being the kids’ equivalent to wine at an adult party, it is as such super important to consider carefully what to offer when throwing a do – and to avoid your pint-sized guests from throwing a ‘do’ all of their own!
So, here’s a pick’n’mix of points to consider to keep the kids’ sweet at your next children’s party.


You have almost certainly opted to organise your party according to a theme, or to do simply dispense with the idea of a theme altogether. If though you have decided on a theme, there are numerous ways to incorporate sweets. For example, you might want to pick sweets that correspond with a particular colour or choice of colours to tie in with decorations. Alternatively, certain specific themes such as a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme might go in some length to determine the sort of sweets you provide (chocolate being the obvious choice). Equally, an Under the Sea theme could mean investing a fair amount in jelly fish sweets whilst a Space themed party will almost certainly involve sherbet flying saucer sweets in one way or another.
The best way to buy sweets according to theme is then to simply get shopping, which is by far easiest done via an online wholesale sweet company like Ashby Treats. Shopping online won’t just save you valuable time and energy, but as well means that you can sneakily search for the perfect sugary treats without the pressure (either from sales staff or the just the kids) or temptation to simply splurge or overspend.

Allergies and ‘Specialist Diets’

Perhaps one of the least fun but most important considerations to make when sweet shopping for a party is any allergies or dietary restrictions your guests might have. So, to avoid tears and potential medical emergencies, it is well worth discussing with the parents and guardians of your would-be-guests any ingredients they cannot eat.
Allergies are not the only consideration though; as more people are now vegetarian, for example, than ever before, many children raised as vegetarians do not eat sweets which contain gelatine which is almost always found in gummy and jelly type sweets, but too can also be found in some hard boiled varieties. So, if you aren’t sure if any of your guests do have food allergies or adhere to a ‘specialist diet’ of any kind, find out as soon as possible. Then, if you aren’t sure how to cater for those guests you have time to discuss it with them and / or their parents and guardians. After all, the only thing worse than taking sweets from a child is giving child a sweet which could cause them harm.

Age Range

Age range isn’t just a matter of avoiding the horror of embarrassing teenaged kids by offering a sweet selection that is more cringe worthy than cool; when opting to buy sweets to either lay out at a party of fill party bags, it is important to consider the age range of your guests. After all, you do not want the gobstoppers loved by older kids to roll or fall within the reach of small children.
With that in mind, when deciding what selection of sweets to plump for, you might want to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is the age range of those attending?
  2. Are sweets being laid out (and so potentially within reach of younger guests as well as any older ones) or used to fill party bags?
  3. What interests, beyond sugary treats, are my guests likely to have based on their age range?

Younger children are almost always drawn to brightly coloured gummy and jelly offerings and ones shaped in fun ways such as snakes and animals. These sweets are too far safer and present far less of a potential choking risk or dental disaster. Meanwhile, older kids are often drawn to what’s ‘cool’, kitsch, retro and a bit longer lasting; retro lollipops, bubblegum, gob stoppers and old school style pick and mix penny sweets which can be hired out stands and all via companies like Neon Events Party Suppliers.


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