The Peanuts Movie is out in cinemas this week and Charlie Brown, Snoopy and all his friends are back to entertain and bring fun and joy to children and adults! This wonderful come back inspired us with something sweet to share with the ones you love. So we found two creative recipes easy to replicate at home with your little ones!


To make the shortbread cookies you can follow this simple recipe which requires only 3 ingredients; and shape them in the shapes and dimensions that you prefer . Once the cookies  are ready you can start to get creative with the icing and colours! For instance you can take a rounded cookie and colour it like Charlie Brown’s t-shirt as we show below:

Chevron-Cookie-Cutter Chevron-Cookie-3 Chevron-Cookie

The result is beautiful and super colourful! And you can have your children and even their friends to help you out with the icing and decoration! But of course the best part is enjoying these yummy biscuits with the ones you love!!!



Another wonderful recipe is for these tasty Snoopy cake pops. You can find the recipe t make basic cake pops here. Once you have the round uncoated cake balls shaped similarly to a cylinder like the ones below you can add Snoopy’s ears. To recreate the dog’s ears you can use almonds and use a drop of melted white candy coating to glue them on. Once the ears are dried dip the cake pop in the melted candy coating and let it dry as well. Once they are ready you can start and decorate them with an edible black ink writing pen by drawing Snoopy’s features, for a final touch you can use coated black sunflower seeds and attach them with a drop of melted white coating. Just beautiful and delicious!

                                                                                                            20257190978_65afc34c4b_o 20451429071_79b27461d5_o

If you fancy a Peanuts themed birthday party or event contact us! We have many brilliant ideas to bring fun and entertainment to your party and to make it special! Book now!


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