Star Wars – The Force Awakens is finally out in theatres! We are very excited to see the last movie of the Star Wars saga and we already have some marvellous ideas to organize the perfect Star Wars party!



You can recreate the feeling of being in a Star Wars movie with some creative and bold details! An easy way to set the outer space vibes is to take some paper lanterns and paint them in silver to resemble the SkyBlind starship and in black to mimic the Death Star. If you want to give a bold touch add also a Darth Vader paper lantern to impress the kids! You can use some colourful banners with the faces of the main characters of the movies to brighten up the room!

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To let your little ones and their friends dive into the Star Wars world you can set up an incredible buffet and dining table decorated with laser swards, toy characters, starry clothes and balloons! You can even add floating spaceships to make it more realistic and fun!

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For a Star Wars party you can be very creative with the food and have many different goodies for your children, his friends and also yourself! How about different types of biscuits inspired by the film characters and spaceships? You can have iced shortbread biscuits or macaron or even chocolate cookies and buns! All different tastes will be satisfied!

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If you fancy something more creamy why not indulge and have some delicious cupcakes?

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If you were thinking more about some easy peasy snacks, check out this lovely stormtrooper marsh mallows and R2-D2 pop-corn quick and yummy!!

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Star Wars is all about action and adventure and we have some awesome ideas to keep your child and his friends entertained! Your kids can have fun defeating a Darth Vader  piñata with their own laser swards! Or maybe your little ones can have fun taking down Darth Vader and his stormtroopers in a bowling games and driving around their own spaceship! To make this party unforgettable you can set up a photo set with masks of the characters and jedi costumes and take lots of fun pictures!

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To make your party absolutely unique there are a few personal touches that will make your event stand out! To start off and impress your guests send them some personalized invitations like these resembling Star Wars battleships. At the party you can use Star Wars name badges for all the kids to wear with their own favourite character and let them find Star Wars chocolates with their names printed on it! At the end of the  party all guests can have a Darth Vader or stormtooper goody bag to take home and enjoy!

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For more incredible ideas for amazing parties and events give us a shout! Or if you already know what would make your party magical let us know and book an appointment! We can help you plan and organize the best party of your life!


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