Guess who is back on Milkshake this year? Every kid’s favourite- BOB THE BUILDER! Are you as excited as we are? If yes, this could be a great idea for your next party- a Bob the Builder Construction Party! Block off the construction zone, put on your hard hat, get the dump truck and wrecking ball, and build the perfect construction birthday party with our Construction Party Idea. Here’s all you that you will need:

  • Toy construction vehiclesConstruction videos to play in the background
  • Construction signs
  • LEGO bricks
  • Construction hats
  • Plastic tools
  • A sandbox
  • Construction cones
  • A Pinata

Games and Activities

Dump Truck Relay

Guests will work in teams to get all of the rocks out of their dump truck.

Treasure Excavation

Have your partygoers dig through “rocks” to find lost treasure.

Chain Tag

Children will have a blast running around as “loose links” chasing the “chains” in circles.

Dump Truck Craft

Guests can build and decorate their own dump trucks with this craft.

Crane Tag

Any players caught by the “crane” become part of the crane and must help catch other players.

Boulder Race

Partygoers will be crawling all over the floor in this boulder-pushing race.

I Built a House Memory Game

Partygoers can really test their memory with this fun party game.

Steam Roller

Kids will get a kick out of this construction-themed version of the classic Red Rover game.

Brick Busters

Give children a chance to “throw the wrecking ball” as part of a demolition crew.


Break out the building tools, and let your guests construct their own LEGO town.

Construction Coloring Page

Print out copies of our coloring page and let the children decorate them.


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