Dressing up is always great fun for kids; Big sloppy hats, oversized shoes, fabulously funky bowers! When our client’s-4-year-old daughter requested yet another princess birthday party, we decided the old theme needed a new spin. Which is when we suggested a Runway Fashion show. The ‘challenge’ was to create a look inspired by a princess to walk the runway. This inspirational Runway party definitely had everyone talking about it for months! Fashion

What do our children learn from catwalk parties?

  • To strut their funky stuff, and strike that perfect pose!
  • Its also a great great opportunity to say “fashion free from confines” aka the current campaing by FTL Moda) that says beauty comes in all forms, which is currently the latest trend at the New York Fashion Week. Have a look at this.

If you’d like to have your own fashion show at home, as part of the London Fashion Week, here’s what you will need:

  • Clear the room
  • A runway – a simple sheet on the floor would do. Its easy and afforadable!
  • A box of dress up, some feather bows- because what is fashion without dressing up, right?
  • Makeup- probably lots of it!
  • Funky glitter face painters and you’re right on trend!

Simple, isn’t it? Make it work, birthday girl!


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