Children’s birthday parties can leave the most capable parents in a state of nervous exhaustion, right? But kids’ parties don’t have to be a nightmare anymore! By following our expert tips we guarantee a stress-free day for you and a perfect birthday for your child. Want to know how? Simply follow these rules:


partiesShort and sweet is the golden rule for 3-5 year olds. Opt for lunchtime, as children are less tired. It’s best if some parents stay.

Structure the party by:

  • Organising games for the first half-hour. Traditional favourites like sleeping lions and musical statues are always popular. Play nursery rhyme tapes/CDs.

  • Break for lunch, cake and singing happy birthday. Put wrapped slices of cake in the party bags to take home.

  • After the break, it’s singalong and dancing fun!

  • Allow 15 minutes at the end of the party for children to wind down.


Children of this age are very boisterous! Keep control by:

  • Limiting guests to one for each of your child’s years and enlist another adult to help.

  • Be outside, particularly with boys’ parties. Tire them out with activities like rounders, five-a-side football and treasure hunts!

  • Fancy-dress themes are popular with this age group – Pirates, Fairies, Action Man and other Cartoon and Fairy tale characters.

  • Hold your own mini-disco, with party music and lots of dancing.


Older children tend to invite a few close friends. Ideas for this age group include:

  • A trip to see the latest film or show. Then back home for a pizza!

  • Arts and crafts parties are good for creative children! Pick a theme like mask or jewellery making.

  • Sleepovers are popular. Limit numbers to five friends, lay mattress on the floor and don’t expect much sleep!

  • Hire the latest video release, and turn your living room into a private cinema. Serve ice-cream and popcorn half way through.


Can’t face doing it yourself? Contact us! With Twizzle, you can sit back, relax and watch your kids have a gala time!


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