Whether it’s your child’s birthday or a day off from school, rain can spoil all the fun activities you have planned. Since you can’t control the weather, the best option is to have some rainy day activities ready for kids that can be used when those dark clouds arrive. We have rainy day crafts and rainy day games that will keep the children entertained and avoid those dreaded words, “we’re bored!”

Indoor Games and Craft Ideas for Girlsrainydays

  • Set up a water play area at the kitchen sink. Fill the sink with a few inches of warm water and let the children have a pool party for their Barbie dolls.
  • Make a craft bag for each child by filling a paper lunch bag with various items you may have around the house. Then gather the kids around the kitchen table and let them start creating a masterpiece from the supplies in their bags. Have glue, scissors and crayons on the table to share. Some examples of craft supplies you might include in the bags are pipe cleaners, pompoms, construction paper, paper cups or bowls, stickers, fabric scraps, strips of yarn, cotton balls, and googly eyes.
  • Girls can play “pet store” with their stuffed animals. Then they can make price tags and use play money to pretend to purchase the pets.
  • Have a tea party with your children and their favorite stuffed animals. Fill a teapot with juice or lemonade, and serve small dishes of cheese crackers or cookies.

Indoor Games and Craft Ideas for Boys

  • Fold paper airplanes and fly them down a hallway.
  • See who can build the highest tower out of LEGO bricks. Or build a LEGO house, city or vehicle together with your child.
  • Play a game of soda bottle bowling in the hall.
  • Let the children make paper boats and sail them in a bathtub. Stage boat races by blowing them across the water.
  • Shape play dough into a volcano and watch it erupt! Use green play dough and mold it around a small empty jar to form a mountain shape. Do this on top of a cookie sheet to make clean-up easier. The jar should be hidden except for the opening. Add a few heaping spoonfuls of baking soda to the empty jar. To make the volcano “erupt”, slowly pour vinegar into the jar until the baking soda begins to froth and the foam spills down the sides of the volcano. This will be wildly popular with kids of all ages, so be ready to make it erupt again and again!

If you have used any of these ideas please comment below and let us know which your kids enjoyed the most. For more information on party planning please contact us here.


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