eastereggsEaster for many households is a family time with children of all ages getting together  – but how to entertain them with something seasonal and fun?Creating Easter Egg games are the simplest piece of seasonal family fun, and goes down well with children of all ages!

We find that Easter-Egg games around the house and garden are a great annual event, sometimes repeated many times in one day by popular demand! Aside from chocolate being a big motivator, it provides lots of fun and laughter for everyone concerned. We thought we’d share a few tips:

  1. A basket, bucket or ‘party box’ for each child (you can get them as going-home party boxes)
  2. A selection of different types of chocolate egg – ideally wrapped in foil (so they can protect the chocolate while hidden).
  3. some simple clue cards – either on pieces of cut up card or sticky notes – maybe cut in the shape of an egg?

Game 1: Find the basket!  A quick game to find the basket/box in the house ready for the rest of the games. Use a verbal clue that you give to the players such as “it’s where we put clean wet clothes” (behind the door of the the clothes dryer)
Game 2: Garden Egg hunt – no clues  Hide the eggs around the garden while the children can’t see (keep them occupied on something else). Make sure you vary the height and difficulty of the hiding place. Put them close to the house as well as further away. Adults and older children can help the younger ones find the eggs “getting warmer, getting colder!”. To make it more fair when many children of different ages play together, it can be a good idea for everyone to place the eggs they’ve collected in a larger prize pot (maybe a large salad bowl) after the game, then they are shared out equally to prevent tears
Game 3: Treasure trail with hidden clues – ideal where the prize is one large egg per player.
Write some clues on egg-shaped cards and make one card lead to the next, maybe with a couple of mini eggs to be discovered along with each clue! Eventually the clues lead to a big haul of egg-treasure! Make your clues suitable for the age groups in the hunt – or even draw little picture clues instead of words!
Examples of clues for the garden:

  • This egg wants to help mow the lawn.. (reward: hidden on the lawnmower)
  • This egg likes the colour yellow? (reward: hidden among yellow flowers)
  • This egg loves to eat sausages in the garden! (reward: near the barbecue)
  • This egg is planting itself to see if it can grow (reward: hidden in some flower pots)
  • This egg is hungry and is trying to grow some vegetables (reward: hidden in the vegetable garden)
  • This egg likes to hide were we sit down (reward: hidden on a garden chair)

Examples of clues for inside the house:

  • This egg likes to get nice and clean (Prize: hidden in the bath)
  • This egg is fast asleep in … (Prize: hidden in a bed)
  • This egg was cold, so went somewhere warm (Prize: hidden in the airing cupboard)
  • This egg is ready to go out (Prize: hidden in a shoe or coat pocket)
  • This egg is waiting for the TV to be switched on (Prize: hidden in the living room)

If you found these ideas helpful or have any more ideas of your own please comment below and let us know how your Easter Egg hunting went.


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