Traditional Christmas party games

Traditional Christmas party games

Christmas is the best holiday to spend time with the family. During the cold winter days a great way to have fun all together is to play games in the warmth of your house! We have some amazing game ideas you can try with your children and loved ones.



For this fun game all you need is:

a picture of Rudolph (which you can download here and print)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Red circle cutouts for Rudolph nose (one per person)
Double stick tape
Black Sharpie

Each contestant can write their name on the cutouts and try to pin Rudolph’s nose in the right position. Don’t forget to cheer everyone whilst they try! This game is so much fun and you can be creative whilst you set it up, for instance, if you prefer you can draw Rudolph yourself and let you little ones help you out!




Do you have a passion for decorating? You can challenge your friends and family in a speed decoration challenge! You can prepare some tree cutouts and give each contestant glue, glitters, ribbons, pastels or whatever you  prefer to use for decorating. All contestants have 1 minute do decorate their tree and at the end award prizes can be assigned for “Most creative tree” or “Most festive tree”. Ready, steady, go!

christmas-tree-crafts-qv73k8or christmas-tree-mesh-decorating-small-living-room-spaces-ideas



Everyone loves Christmas songs, from the most traditional ones to the new tunes! A fun way to listen to Christmas songs this year could be by playing the game of “Name that Christmas song”! You can either print some of the songs’ lyrics and have everyone to try and guess the song title or play little parts of the song and see who recognises the correct song first! Listen closely!!!




Fill different stockings with a collection of “mystery items” wrapped in paper, then gather everybody and pass the stockings to them. Each one has to try and understand what the stocking is containing by touching, shaking or smelling it. Whoever guesses correctly what the mystery item is can keep it! Let’s unveil this mystery!



These are just some ideas for fun games that bring together all the family and friends, if you want more ideas or help to organize the most magical Christmas party make your booking here or get in touch. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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