Pop-Video Party!

Pop-Video Party!

Twizzle’s Pop-Video Party is the latest and most exciting kids party idea.  This dance party with a difference lets you record and make your own fun pop video. How exciting!

Step under the studio lights

From pop princesses to wannabe rockstars, this unique experience lets kids become pop stars for the day. Working with music industry professionals, they’ll have a great time and shoot a music video to their favorite song. With a fantastic DVD to keep the memories forever.

Our Pop Video Party is the ultimate way to sample the Pop High Life with a recording session in a professional studio , followed by on video shoot on location.

Starting at our studios in Fulham, you and your guests (up to a total of 12) will be met by our Twizzle Vocal Coach, who will teach and rehearse your choice of 2 songs, which are then digitally recorded in the studio by our top Sound Engineer to a professional quality backing track.

A limousine then arrives to collect the Pop Stars and transport them to The Raffles Club in Chelsea, where we have exclusive use of their lounge (designed by award winning interior designer Tara Bernerd). Fancy!

Lights, Camera, Action…

Our Twizzle Choreographer teaches the dance routine to your guests, using the pre-recorded track.  It is then recorded by the Professional Cameraman, who films the routine on the dance floor in the glamorous, mirrored lounge.

Do it together, keep it forever!

The film is taken away and edited with full color artwork on the DVD face and DVD sleeve, using video stills from the party.  The finished DVD is sent out within 10 days. Hurray!

Booking your Pop-Video Party

Please contact us for details of cost, or go straight to our booking page.



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